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Don't miss any of your favorite Christmas Movies or Holiday TV Shows this year!



We update our Christmas TV schedule year round, so check back often to see if one of your favorites is scheduled for today. Whether you are looking for an old classic Christmas Movie, or the Christmas episode of your favorite television show, this is the place to get your Christmas fix.


Date Time Channel Program
03/16/15 01:00 am MTV2

The Wayans Bros - A Country Christmas

03/16/15 08:30 am StarzKF

Mr Christmas

03/16/15 09:00 am A&E

Dog the Bounty Hunter - The Hunt for Santa

03/16/15 01:00 pm ABC Family

The Middle - The Christmas Tree

03/16/15 03:00 pm WE

Will & Grace - Christmas Break

03/16/15 08:00 pm Bounce

The Hughleys - A Multi-Culti Christmas

03/17/15 01:00 am CW

Everybody Loves Raymond - Christmas Present

03/17/15 04:00 am CW

Gimme a Break! - The Spirit of Christmas

03/17/15 05:30 am Antenna

Maude - Walter's Christmas Gift

03/17/15 06:55 am EncFam

Santa with Muscles

03/17/15 07:00 am HALLMV

Murder, She Wrote - A Christmas Secret

03/17/15 11:30 am Antenna

McHale's Navy - The Day They Captured Santa Claus

03/17/15 05:00 pm FX

Mike & Molly - Christmas Break

03/17/15 08:30 pm TBS

The Big Bang Theory - The Santa Simulation

03/18/15 03:00 am COZI

Run for Your Life - Time and a Half on Christmas Eve

03/18/15 06:30 am TBS

Married...With Children - God Rest Ye Merry, Bundymen

03/18/15 01:55 pm EncFam

Dr Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas

03/18/15 03:00 pm TBS

King of Queens - Silent Mite

03/18/15 05:30 pm Antenna

Mr. Belvedere - Happy Guy Christmas

03/18/15 07:00 pm INSP

Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman - Mike's Dream - A Christmas Tale

03/18/15 07:30 pm Bounce

A Different World - The Gift of the Magi

03/18/15 08:35 pm EncFam

Dr Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas

03/18/15 10:00 pm INSP

Walker, Texas Ranger - A Ranger's Christmas

03/19/15 09:00 am LOGO

Bewitched - Sisters at Heart

03/19/15 10:30 am ANIMAL

Call of the Wildman: Santa Claws

03/19/15 12:00 pm TBS

The Cleveland Show - Murray Christmas

03/19/15 04:00 pm INSP

The Waltons - Day of Infamy

03/20/15 01:30 am Hallmark

Frasier - Frasier Grinch



All Times are US Eastern Time. Please check your local tv listings for times near you. We try to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes stations change their schedules after they are published.


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