Christmas Garland - why? Because that is what we are - Mostly Christmas. Every once in a while we may sneak some other holiday in here, but mostly we're just all about Christmas. Will we give other holidays equal time? Probably not. Might we skip over some holidays sometimes? Probably so.
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What's New at Mostly Christmas...
12/11/2014 - More updates to our schedule of Christmas Movies 2014
11/09/2014 - Added a new page containing the upcoming schedule for just the new 2014 Christmas Movies. Go to the Holiday TV page for the special link to the new page.
10/22/2014 - Updated the Christmas TV schedule including new Christmas Movies 2014!
09/26/2014 - Updated the new 2014 Christmas Movies list! Click on the New Christmas Movies link above!
08/05/2014 - Updated the list of new Christmas Movies 2014! Click on the New Christmas Movies link above!
06/14/2014 - The Hallmark Channel Christmas in July 2014 TV schedule is here! Check our Holiday TV page for the full schedule.
06/01/2014 - Hallmark has released information on three of their new 2014 Christmas Movies! Click on the New Christmas Movies link above!
03/11/2014 - Completely new and updated Decorating Ideas page added!
01/20/2014 - New Today's TV 'Pick of the Day' added to home page
11/07/2013 - Added new page - Thanksgiving Movie and TV schedule - Click on 'Other Holidays' above
10/23/2013 - Looking for a Christmas Book or DVD? Check our new page of Christmas movies and Christmas themed stories
10/05/2013 - Added new display of scrolling Christmas pictures
08/13/2013 - Added list of new original Christmas Movies for 2013!
07/14/2013 - Updated the Videos page to include Hulu/Youtube online TV shows and Christmas Movies
06/18/2013 - Added new Christmas Recipes pages - Share your favorite recipe with us or find a new favorite for your family!
10/04/2012 - Added new page - Halloween Movie and TV schedule - Click on 'Other Holidays' above
09/08/2012 - Added new pages - Christmas song lyrics, new original Christmas movies 2012, year round Christmas retail stores, and your own personal Yule Log!
08/19/2012 - Added new movies to the Holiday TV schedule
08/10/2012 - Updated Christmas Movies and TV schedule
08/05/2012 - Updated Holiday TV schedule
07/08/2012 - Updated 'Christmas Music' page to include 2 new online streaming radio stations that stream christmas music year round.
06/05/2012 - Started updating the 'Holiday TV' page here to include christmas movies and tv shows year-round

Mostly Christmas - Your Home for the Holiday Season

Your Home for the Holidays!

Christmas Movies 2014

Have you ever caught yourself humming 'Deck the Halls' long before Thanksgiving? Then this is the place for you!

This is your home for holiday recipes, Christmas movie and tv listings, events, activities, games, music, ideas and more. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and memories to keep you in the Christmas spirit any time of year.


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What is it about Christmas that warms our hearts and souls? We can all agree it really isn't just Christmas day, but it's the journey. For many of us fanatics, the season begins as soon as summer ends, and the weeks leading up to Christmas are a fun-filled, light hearted time. Though some people think that 'Christmas' starts too early, we know that it's never too early. We wait in anticipation for the glittering lights and decorations, making lists, baking and eating cookies, and hearing that special Christmas carol that reminds us of our childhood. So join us in celebrating this special season, and you'll find there's a little bit of everything here to satisfy your Christmas craving.



In the mood for a Christmas movie today? Then check our Christmas Movie and TV Listings and see if one of your favorites is scheduled.


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